Monday, 19 July 2010

Machinery shortage worsens Ukraine crop problems or does it?

Saying that Ukraine has a shortage of machinery is a bit like asking the Pope about his religious preference (here).

There has been a machinery shortage in Ukraine since I first came here over ten years ago and yet it’s never really been an issue.

The level of productivity achieved with what would be considered scrap in other countries never ceases to amaze me. Necessity is the mother of invention and these boys know a thing or two about sticking machines together with elastic bands and chewing gum.

Plus we were asked if we needed more combines at the weekend and four miraculously appeared.

So I really don’t think a shortage of machinery is a new issue or one that will make that much of a difference to this harvest or to the next.

But it does contribute to the overall level of nervousness in the grain trade which will just continue to push the price up farther so perhaps I shouldn’t complain too loudly.