Wednesday, 14 July 2010

It’s all gone crazy!

"The "crazy" rapeseed market hitting its highest for nearly two years" according to Agrimoney.
Crazy for whom? Not crazy for the me I can tell you; “much appreciated” would be how I describe it.

This latest report is on the back of Germany cutting harvest estimates and the ongoing reports of catastrophe in Russia; have a look at the (rather amateurish) Russia Today report posted by Nogger on his blog (here).

Agrimoney go on with "...the crop downgrades just keep coming, and that is maintaining investors' interest [in wheat]," a City analyst told

A City analyst? That's a bit vague isn’t it?

My mate down the "all you can eat and drink, borsche and vodka bar", Fat Yuri reckons that as we enter the second phase of the European harvest the market will definitely turn in to a fully justified rally and the full picture of how the winter and more recent weather has downgraded harvest potential in Central and Eastern Europe will finally fully reveal itself.

That’s what Fat Yuri told me anyway.