Thursday, 8 July 2010

Harvest update from Europe

My mate Jim who farms in Romania and has just driven back to France from there sent me some very interesting observations.

First off Romania. He said “harvest is just starting, rape was being cut at 11% and was very variable. Wheat is looking ok but summer grasses are appearing where it’s thin or in dirty ground. Maize and sunflowers that were early planted looked superb.”

On the Hungarian Romanian border he said “they have had it very wet and I saw 3 lovely Claas combines all stuck in the same field. The rape and wheat that was close to being ready had pools of water in many of the low spots and there were a few asphyxiated crops of maize and sunflowers, yuk!”

In Austria he noted barley had just been cut and in Germany most crops were not ready though they looked best of any – unlike last nights football team – with just enough lodging to suspect they had put enough N on! Germany efficiency at its best.

The crappy crops in the East of France that he saw in the spring looked a lot better.

Back home in France six row winter barley was cut yesterday - 7t/ha at 11.5 to 12.5% mc 68 to 69 PS.

He will be back in Romania next week, I for one look forward to another update. Much appreciated, cheers Jim.