Wednesday, 2 June 2010

June 1st spring planting update

According to the Min of Ag – and I would take these statistics with the due skepticism they deserve - 7.4 million hectares of spring grain and leguminous crops had been sown, apparently that’s 97% of the target. Almost 2.7 million hectares of corn has been sown (99.5% of the target) and 3.8 million hectares of sunflowers (102% of the target).

Target! What target? These guys turn up at the farm from time to time saying things like “you aren’t planting enough maize” and “you have too much oilseed rape in your rotation”. They even have the bloody nerve to ask for petrol money so they can go and inspect our crops. Well, to be blunt, they can feck off.

We - and by we I mean all the free thinking farming business in Ukraine trying to kick start the economy from the bottom up - don’t claim any of the measly subsidies on offer. We don’t operate under a central planning system, we are using private investment, we operate on a free market economy and grow what we think will give us the best return according to market predictions and within constraints of technical and logistical parameters.

Targets my arse!