Monday, 24 May 2010

US department for stating the bleedin' obvious latest report

"Of all the major grain-producing countries, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan appear to have the most potential to substantially increase wheat production and exports," said Sherlock at the USDA.

He then goes on to say that "uncertainty exists as to the degree to which the three former Soviet Union countries will increase their wheat exports and that bears have been seen defecating in the woods”.

He also says that yields will rise 17% in Ukraine by 2019, helped by increased use of fertiliser and the expansion of efficient corporate farms and top notch agronomy advice from mugs living in Ukraine but with years of experience of high input farming systems he probably was going to say before he ran out of space.

I can’t find the actual report on the USDA website, I lose the will to live if I spend too long there but you can find a report at Agrimoney.