Saturday, 15 May 2010

Flag Leaf Options

If you haven’t started yet then it’s about the right time to start T2 flag leaf sprays.

The flag leaf is the real engine behind cereal yields and will contribute up to 80% to the final yield so keeping him clean really pays dividends. If you’re going to apply only one fungicide to your wheat and barley crops this year and I reckon a lot of people will be as funds are tight, then this is the one to go for.

Chemistry options are a bit lean here in Ukraine with either old school technology, stuff that’s beyond it’s expiry date – you only find that one out when it’s delivered – frost damaged or counterfeit chemicals to choose from.

The realistic options are epoxiconazole (found in mixtures with thiophanate-methyl), tebuconazole, MBC (still worth a punt here) and available since last year but now doubled in price, metrafenone to take care of mildew.

I am going with low rate epoxiconazole + metrafenone, don’t go full rate as these guys work perfectly well at reduced rates, email me if you want my recommendations, I only charge a small fee – I gotta eat too you know and I’m giving you all this good stuff buckshee as it is!

Worth adding an adjuvant but steer clear of Trend Par which is what all the dealers will try and push, might as well wazz in the tank and keep your money – email me for my preferred option.