Saturday, 8 May 2010

Agronomy Update

Travelled right across Ukraine and in to Russia this week, hence the lack of blogs and what struck me was the lack of visible farming taking place. This could be because farms have no finance for inputs or I just missed it although over 1000km I thought I would see a bit more action in the fields.

T1 sprays going ahead as wheat reaches GS32 (Стадии роста 32), the crop looks clean and bright although striping from poor nitrogen application is starting to show up. This is a combination of crap machines and operator error, something we are working on.

Oilseed rape is loving this bright and warm weather and is receiving its first fungicide and insecticide as I write. Disease levels are low but Pollen Beetle (Meligethes aeneus Цветоед рапсовый) continues to thrive in the hot and dry weather.

Sunflower drilling completed and early drilled sunflowers are just coming through the ground.

Soya planting is well ahead and on target to finish by mid May.

Weather hot and dry, could do with some rain which is forecast for this weekend.